Movie executives is so stoopid

New Line screws themselves out of more wads o’ cash.

Ok, so that’s my editorial bent on the real headline, which is “New Line Cinemas tells Peter Jackson they’ll make The Hobbit without him.”

Apparently, the drooling morons fine folks a New Line Cinemas have decided that Peter Jackson is so hungry to do “The Hobbit” (and some sort of LOTR prequel) that he’d gladly give up his lawsuit against them over their accounting practices from the first movies. Since he didn’t give up right away, they have decided to tell him that they “won’t be requiring his services.”

‘cuz, ya know, like anyone can make one o’ them hobbit movies, right? Maybe we can get that Alan Smithee guy to do it…

I wasn’t all that sure a Hobbit movie would come off that well even with Jackson. Now, it’s probably going to wind up a direct-to-DVD family film starring the cast of “Friends” or something. Sucketh mucheth.

UPDATE: Dork Tower. ’nuff said.

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3 Responses to Movie executives is so stoopid

  1. geeky says:

    wtf is New Line thinking?!

  2. Ric the Schmuck says:

    The ONLY way “The Hobbit” as a movie would fly is with Jackson directing. Anything else will be compared against his vision from LOTR, so the project is doomed to fail.

    Direct To Video is quite likely.

  3. domino says:

    The cast of “Friends” has signed on??

    Too cool!!!!!

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