Movie Mad

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. Besides getting ready to see Attack of the Clones (yes, I have my tickets pre-ordered), I have been working on my next geeky project–a “replacement” for the Oscars, starting in 1915. (Do these ideas sound as stupid to you as they do to me? Don’t answer that.)

This project has me making a new list of nominees for each year. The qualifying movies are the original Oscar winner and nominees, plus any movie that has at least 1000 votes on IMDB with a rating at least as good as the worst nominee the Academy came up with.

I am also throwing on movies from the top 100 at Jeem’s CinePad. Jim Emerson is the “Jeem” at Jeem’s, and he has come up with a point system to score movies based on the AFI list, the LA Film Critics Awards, the National Film Registry and other sources.

On top of that, I have decided that the entire web site is getting a little clunky. It’s easy to add content to it, but when I went to add the new Guestbook (which nobody has signed, by the way), I found it difficult to add the navigation link without it looking bad. So, a major reorg is coming.

TTFN…I’ll let you know what I think of that little Clone movie.

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