Spider-Man is awesome!

I was afraid that this movie would be all-action/no-Peter Parker. Au contraire, mon frere!

This film finally captures the essence of what made Marvel different from DC. Peter Parker is us. He’s the geek we all recognize in ourselves (at least I do). He gets pushed. He gets tripped. He chokes up and can’t talk to a girl. He’s on the chess team… And when he gets his super powers–nothing changes!

Not to mess up the film for you, but when he has the typical confrontation with the school bully (ya know, where the nerdy kid gets pushed around until finally he kicks his tormentor’s ass and we all go “Yeah!”), it makes his life worse!

Willem Dafoe is great as the split-personality Norman Osborne/Green Goblin.
Kirsten Dunst is faboo as Mary Jane Watson.
And Tobey Maguire is Peter Parker.

I liked the first two Superman movies and the first Batman movie. I loved X-Men. But this is the best super-hero movie ever.

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