MSNBC Best of Blogs

Weblog central at MSNBC gets updated weekly with “Best of the Blogs”. This week, I am quoted as saying the best blog I read is Michele’s. All I have to say about that is: Seki and Mordant and Muse and Cranky, please, don’t hurt me!

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13 Responses to MSNBC Best of Blogs

  1. F. McSweeny! says:

    Nobody ever writes me up anymore. Fucko the unloved.

  2. Solonor says:

    Notice it’s only the females I’m afraid of…sounds like a complex to me…

  3. michele says:

    I shower you with kisses and hugs. The bribe money is in the mail and I’ll call off my thugs.

    I love you, Fucko. How could anyone not love you?

  4. Solonor says:

    It’s not YOUR thugs I’m worried about. Maybe it’s good that Stacy doesn’t read my blog…

  5. Bill says:

    Join the club Fucko, he ain’t afraid of me neither. Sigh. Not only am I not loved, my gender has been called into doubt…

  6. Solonor says:

    Hey! Ya can’t stop blogging then whine ’cause no one respects your blog! 🙂

  7. Bill says:

    Hell, that’s not whining. If I was whining, gods boy, you’d know. The world would know. Small animals would hide in the underbrush and birds would fall from the sky, stunned.

  8. Solonor says:

    I’m just gonna have to write to MSNBC and list everyone on both of my blogrolls as my favorite.

    I honestly don’t know why I picked Michele’s anyway. It’s like choosing which kid you love best!

  9. Solonor says:

    Mother of pearl! I just read that, and now Michele’s gonna go off on me…I can’t win!! Arrggh!!!

  10. michele says:

    I still love you. Just as much as I love Bill.

    Where my thugs at?

  11. Kim says:

    ::sniff, sniffle:: It’s okay, Solonor. I understand.

    Actually, if you said mine was the best, I would know you were lying. ;p Especially lately, when I haven’t been posting much because of the germ invasion in my bubble. Once I get the bubble disinfected, though, watch out!

  12. Solonor says:

    I’m still waiting to hear about not including Robyn, Lisa, Theresa, Christine, Dawn, Kat, Gretchen, Grace, Becky, Julia, and Megan! At least Ken, Dick and Scott aren’t whining…yet… 🙂

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