My Butt Is Still Asleep

Every once in awhile, the harmonic convergence of geekdom, nature and scheduling permit me to plunk my fat arse in a chair and stare at the warm, blue glow of the monitor until I have radiation burns and permanent retinal damage. (Contrary to popular myth, this is not a description of my business day.)

On Saturday, I conducted the initial draft and a live chat with those fortunate enough to simultaneously own teams in Solonor’s Groovy Computer Baseball League and not have a life. It was a ton of fun, actually. Cableman, MizDos, GeekGrrl, Milbertus, Kevin, Linkmeister, Scott and Zuly all showed up for the party. Even Whiny made a brief appearance. And Sgt. Grump showed up at the end – 960 players and nine hours later. Then, of course, Sunday was a bi-monthly MOHAA day. So, I spent five or six hours blasting Nazis (except when I was one).

Life is rough.

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6 Responses to My Butt Is Still Asleep

  1. Scott says:

    You did a bang-up job, Commish!

  2. Dania says:

    Am i the only ‘tard that has no flippin’ idea what you’re talking about? lol

    /me goes back to her corner

  3. gnome-girl says:

    *pinch* just trying to wake your butt up 🙂

  4. peat says:

    can you send me an email about how to access my team and screw it all up (make changes, name a skipper etc…).

    thanks commish!

  5. hoopty says:

    Dammit. I wanted in on your baseball league.

    Yeah, send me that template to fix my shiznit, homes…..

  6. Linkmeister says:

    You never showed up here to comment on my sympathy note, you dope.

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