Quit It, Slashdot!

I doubt that this has anything to do with the IAEA flood that hit last year (and continues to strike every time I mention “sensitive topics”… I got another bunch right after the Bull Durham story). It may be something more along the lines of a misbehaving ‘bot, like in the AsciiRock episode. But I’m getting tired of seeing a bazillion hits from the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences, supposedly referred via Slashdot. I thought it was just me, until GeekGrrl pointed it out on her site, which led to a flood of others seeing the same thing.

Whatever it is, it’s got my permission to stop anytime now.

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8 Responses to Quit It, Slashdot!

  1. Matt says:

    I noticed the same referral this evening even though I haven’t updated my blog in three days. Damn bots!

  2. bran says:

    aw, poor Solly.

  3. Mischiefgurl says:

    Go away Slashdot

    I know Geekgrrl talked about slashdot spamming yesterday, but it’s still happening. WTF?? What is going on with the slashdot spamming? I kept asking Keith all day yesterday what was going on with this, because I thought it was just me until I saw she w…

  4. Sunidesus says:

    I guess I’m just not special enough for the U of M to stalk me. 😉

  5. Christine says:

    Do we all need “I’ve Been Stalked by UMN” buttons? I’ve been hit too, and I know of several others that have also seen them.

    Such a tease too – since we all WANT to get traffic from Slashdot!

  6. michele says:

    It’s my fault. I donated your body to the Minnesota College of Biological Sciences. And I donated your brain to /.

    Guess they thought it was linkworthy.

  7. Scott says:

    I still get regular IAEA mass-reads; haven’t looked closely at my referrals in ages, so I don’t know about UMC.

    Still, it’s odd, eh?

  8. Les says:

    I don’t recall if it was UMN or not, but I got hit with a crapload of referrals from Slashdot as well even though I don’t think my site has ever been listed on Slashdot and my traffic didn’t show any significant spike like you’d expect when you’re Slashdotted.

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