Ode To Canada

Canada, oh Canada….

I know NOTHING about Canada. You’d think that since it is just hours over my head, I might actually know something about it. I don’t!

As a child, my father drove us up through Michigan across towards “the falls” and then home again through the US. I remember a WHOLE LOT of driving. And for a long time, we looked for mailboxes… we couldn’t find mailboxes on the streets. (Go figure, my family is so exciting!)

As an adult, when I lived in the western NY area, we would drive over to get Canadian Bacon…. which, by the way, is really HAM. We’d take all the visiting friends and neighbors to the Falls.

When I was pregnant with Garrett, we went to Montreal. I was rather pukey and remember a lot of walking, seeing great restaurants, and puking… lots of puking. IT was, however, beautiful there.

So, tell me…. what is the “real” Canada like? Anyone know?
– Dana

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3 Responses to Ode To Canada

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I live in Maine (where Solonor USED to live, and where he SHOULD live!) which is, of course, near Canada.

    New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (referred to as The Maritime Provinces, along with Prince Edward Island) are very similar in many ways to Maine. OK, the language is a bit different (they say “eh”, we say “ayuh” and “wicked”) but the terrain, the climate, etc, are quite similar.
    Very beautiful countryside.

    I’ve never been to Quebec, which borders Maine on the west. (Though I almost ended up there by accident driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but that’s another story!)

    Prince Edward Island is supposed to be even more beautiful than Maine or the other Maritime Provinces. One of these years I’m gonna pack my troop up and vacation there.

  2. Jenni says:

    Umm, I’m from Michigan and umm, well, Windsor is the town across the Detroit River. You can gamble there — no biggie anymore, since you can gamble in Detroit — and you can drive there (about 3 hours from my place) when you’re 18 and get loaded.

    Going the UP route, ummm…..well, we went up north (Up North as us Michiganders capitalize it) when I was a kid. Stayed near the Soo Locks. We went across the border because I needed Kaopectate. I kid you not. You couldn’t buy it on the US side. So my mom and I headed 15 miles into Canada and the nice K-Mart employees fixed it all.

    This is my definition of Canada: Gamble, Drink, HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY, aboot and Good Kaopectate Sellers.

  3. -=e=- says:

    I know St. Catherines (Ontario) has the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen…

    Other than that, I draw a blank.

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