Weather: were we scheduled to talk about the weather?

Anyway, regarding weather, we Brits have been hoist on our own petards, if that’s the appropriate expression.

We always talk about the weather. For the last 250 years (this is as far as I remember back) we have talked about the weather. It is our default conversational setting.

Now that we are having the onset of anomalous weather (and very non-British it is), we realise we had nothing at all to complain about since it really used to be rather pleasant – a mild maritime climate with nothing too extreme and with spring, summer, autumn (your famous ‘fall’) and winter all in more or less the right places.

Now we cross a street and the weather executes an extreme change before we get there. Who can we blame, huh?

I have just spent the day in a conference room where the air conditioning was set to ‘max. cool’ and the weather outside was set to ‘cold and wet’.

I leave you with a quote from Ms Shirley Conran: ‘There is no bad weather there is only the wrong clothes’. Aha, but what about indoors?


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