Of cabbages and kings…

It’s been a packed few days since the Epic Meeting. In the time since last Wednesday, I spent a really good day with a client, had a great time hanging around with my brother in Philly, turned 45, went to see one badass movie, finished “American Gods,” finished a LOTRO quest, laughed until my head exploded playing D&D with my son and his friends, and completed my revised Oscar Do-Overs movie list (not to mention various and sundry things like doing the dishes, cleaning the pool and going to church…well to Sunday school before skipping out…yes, we actually skipped the church service to come home to clean the house to get ready for the arrival of a group of juvenile delinquents to play a game that is the tool of the devil… stop judging me!).

Buzz? Not so evil. Would steal his house, but he said we have to feed his huge family at Thanksgiving. Pass.

Philly? Hot as hell. Still, love walking around the city. Saw a blind woman playing a glass armonica in a Quaker meeting house. Had an actual Philly steak sandwich actually in Philly for the first time. Meh. (To be fair, the line for the good place was around the block, so we popped into a little side shop that probably wasn’t the best.) Got coffee at Old City Coffee. Caffeinated heaven in a paper cup. Will never visit Starbucks again.

Birthday? Went to our favorite Indian restaurant to find it closed for renovations. Found another one down the road that was almost as good and cheaper. Yum!

Die Hard? Not even remotely believable. Loved it. Even the PG-13 cop out, the addition of a dorky partner, a fairly lame cameo by Kevin Smith, the most boring ass crime imaginable (cyberterrorism), and (let’s face it) age couldn’t stop Bruce from kicking ass in an enjoyable fashion. “Mr. Willis’ Wild Ride” is what summer movies are all about.

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4 Responses to Of cabbages and kings…

  1. geeky says:

    Happy Birthday Old Man!

    And I definitely agree with your assessment of Die Hard. It was kick-ass.

  2. Sherri says:

    OOo an excuse to have CAKE! Don’t forget, we have GAME.

  3. MJ says:

    Happly Birthday Solly! And I third the bad-ass assessment. Just saw it yesterday and it’s the perfect summer movie.

  4. Ric the Schmuck says:

    Glad to see you like DH4. Also glad to see you had a fine time with Pughley. Hope all is well with him and his, etc.

    I am wondering if I will even dare attempt to play D&D (or anything similar) with my son and his friends, whenever that stuff begins to occur. Of course, I also wonder if I would even be invited…

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