Oh, cheese and crackers!

In case you have not seen it (and by the ratings, most of you haven’t), Andy Barker, PI is one of the funniest shows on TV.

Well, it was.

After only 5 episodes, the morons at NBC have canceled it. Instead, we’ll get more stupid “Deal or No Deal” or “America’s Funniest Home Invasions” (wait, that’s Fox).

The premise of the show is that CPA Andy Barker (Andy Richter) moves into a new office in a strip mall above a video store. No sooner does he settle in than he is approached by a sexy siren out of a Sam Spade movie to solve a crime. Turns out that his new office was the old office of private eye, Lew Staziak (Harve Presnell). Reluctantly, Andy gets involved in solving the case, finds out he likes this dual life, and away we go.

The series spoofs the classic detective shows with the kind of mash-up of wit and silliness for which Conan O’Brien (the producer) is known. The episodes have titles like “Fairway, My Lovely” (a case involving a murdered golf instructor), “Three Days of the Chicken” (about a murderous poultry conglomerate), “Dial M for Laptop”, “The Big No Sleep” and “The Lady Varnishes”.

But even better than the usual gumshoe jokes is the supporting cast. Presnell is hilarious as the over-the-top, sorta-retired detective who tries to mentor Andy. Andy’s too-perfect wife is played by Clea Lewis. And the strip mall where he moves in contains characters like the video store owner, Simon (Tony Hale, “Buster” on Arrested Development…another brilliant show that didn’t click with many folks), and the overly patriotic immigrant owner of an Afghani restaurant, Wally (Marshall Manesh). The final episode (which was originally a web exclusive) guest-starred Ed Asner as Lew’s crooked ex-partner and Amy Sedaris as his one-legged former flame.

I mean, right there, isn’t that last sentence enough? What more do you want from a TV show???

Go watch all the episodes online before they disappear.

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I was listening to Andy being interviewed (yes, on Howard) where he and Artie Lang were explaining to the rest of the crew how development deals work. The networks give these guys a “development deal” for a price, and in exchange the actor has to do up to a certain number of projects for that network. Else he voids his deal, or they work out a settlement.

    That’s why you keep seeing all these different Andy Richter (or any other actor who keeps popping up) series. The network is paying him to be exclusive to them, and they keep throwing stuff up against the wall to see if anything will stick. Just so they can maybe get some return on the money they spent on the deal in the first place.

    Doesn’t make us any happier when they cancel one of these series. But it’s easier to understand, I suppose.


    This totally sucks! It was a cute t.v. show and a great vehicle for Andy Richter!

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