Or a lifetime supply of Milk Duds…

Pepperkat isn’t even out of 8th grade yet, and already she’s being sought after by the finest schools. She even got a letter from ITT Technical Institute. I saw them on TV and everything!

I think she’s getting a swelled head, though. Even though they offered her a career planning guide in FULL COLOR, she’s not willing to commit to them.

She said: “I’m holding out for the one that offers me a pony.”

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3 Responses to Or a lifetime supply of Milk Duds…

  1. spacebran says:

    a prestigious milestone in a young girls life…

    i meant the pony.

  2. Smart girl you have there!

    I should have held out for the pony.

  3. Linkmeister says:

    Um, isn’t that a violation of NCAA rules?

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