The meme that makes you go Hmmmmmm.

I haven’t been keeping up with the Monday Mission. When I first started blogging and was looking around for something to stimulate the brain cells, I jumped on board and answered the weekly series of questions, semi-religiously. But now it is the end. This is The Last Monday Mission.

Thank you, PromoGuy, for keeping it going for so long.

1. In the last week, what happened that made you feel loved beyond your wildest dreams?
[ from MM 1.0]
I was thinking of just this on Sunday. You see, my wild rebel of a daughter (she’s 14, for those keeping score) has joined the choir at church. Through some trick of fate, her spot in the alto section lands right next to mine in the tenor row. Not only is she a fine singer with enough guts to do it in front of people every week, but she’s also comfortable enough with her old man to not be embarrassed to be seen sitting next to him… and to occasionally rest her head on his shoulder in public. Very cool.

2. What was the last audio CD you paid money for?
[ from MM 1.3]
I bought The Best of R.E.M. for Mrs R for Christmas.

3. Has someone you know ever told you they had a terminal illness? What was it like for you when you found out. How did that change your relationship with them?
[ from MM 2.45]
Both my parents and Venita’s father had some form of cancer. Not fun. All 4 of them lived and died with as much grace and dignity as you can have during such things.

4. Do you have an accent? Are there any phrases or words you say that tip folks that you aren’t from around these parts?
[ from MM 2.38]
Nope. Well… I don’t think so anyway. Ayuh.

5. What’s the difference between being a Father, and being a Daddy?
[ from MM 3.25]
Daddy’s get all the hugs. Father’s pay all the bills.

6. What is the most recent thing guilt has motivated you to do?
[ from MM 2.50]
Besides this? OW! Just kidding!
I’m motivated by guilt all the time. Right now, I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t spent any time recording music for the past few years…

7. How do you feel about tips and tipping? Do you feel obligated to tip even if your service is bad because you know the servers don’t get paid much? If you’ve ever relied on tips for your income, how do you feel when you don’t get any?
[This is a new one, had to throw in at least one more hot topic before I sign off]
I’m a notorious over-tipper. I regularly tip 20-percent. I do cut back if the service is bad, but more often than not, I’ll find some excuse for it. Yes, I am a sucker. Bite me.

BONUS: Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
Will you take me away? Will you make me your wife? I gotta know right now!!

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  1. hoopty says:

    hey dude, I’ve been trying to write you and give up my team but none of my email’s getting out.
    So, thanks for everything. Best wishes and it was fun!!

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