Palin’s Travels

Since his first trip around the world in 1988, Michael Palin has been zipping (or in most cases fighting his way upstream) across the globe. The best part is that he usually takes us along with him. Now, he’s opened Palin’s Travels as a central place to see all of it.

It’s got an incredibly cool set of searches that let you look up every mode of transportation he’s used–from aluminum dinghies to zodiac landing craft–every place he’s stayed, historical sites and facts, and tons more.

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3 Responses to Palin’s Travels

  1. F. McSweeny! says:

    It’s slooooooow…. I got Pole to Poll off Ebay a while ago but Around the World in 80 days is still my favorite by far. Palin rules.

  2. Solonor says:

    Yeah, I noticed the performance being kinda spotty last night, too…sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Hopefully chalked up to it being new and getting tons o’ hits.

  3. Mandie says:

    thanks for pointing this link out. I’ve loved all those travel shows he’s done and will definately spend some time tonight playing on this site. 🙂

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