Picture Page, Picture Page…


I finally got around to installing Gallery to hold all the pictures my wandering daughter took this summer. In fact, I went ahead and moved the whole darned photoblog to it.

It was (as I’ve heard many complain) a royal pain in the left buttock to get up and running, but it was really neat to have an easy way to upload all 236 photos. Yes, 236! She lost a memory card full of Greece and southern Italy pics. I’m not sure I’m sorry about that, actually…

Ooh! And there’s a slideshow mode. Kewwwwl… (I’m such a dork.)

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6 Responses to Picture Page, Picture Page…

  1. suzie says:

    she’s the cutest… and you the coolest dad ever.

  2. Andy says:

    She’s a bit of talent with a camera. Which one does she use?

  3. natalie says:

    Gah! Andy, if a chef makes a really great meal do you say, “Boy, I bet he uses some really great pans.” Of course not! Her camera is irrelevant – her skillz are da bomb.

    Those pictures were fantastic – and she is so damn cute that it’s painful.

    I wish there were captions, though (not that I’d expect you to do that…just sayin’ is all) – I recognize a lot of it (just enough to get me all nostalgic) but the rest was a mystery. It looks like she had so much fun.

  4. Pepperkat says:

    …I havn’t had a chance to put up the descriptions yet…hold yer horses lady/lad!!

  5. Just-A-Girl says:

    Great pictures, Pepperkat! I loved spending my lunch hour perusing the gallery. You are a talented young lady. 😀

  6. jay says:

    Very nice pictures!

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