Post ‘rents Weekend Update

Got back Sunday afternoon from spending the weekend in Tallahassee visiting the youngest. The three stay-at-home Nortons drove up to FSU for parents’ weekend with Miss Adventure. We got to see the circus and pal around with the college crowd for a couple of days.

Overall, she’s doing pretty good. Homesick. Worried that she’s “wasting money” and conflicted about quitting her crappy job (her brother we talked her into going for it). But basically all is well in Pepperkat Land.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve had one thing or another every night at church (thus the break in posting). Friday night is the ultimate “take one for the team”–a Halloween overnight with the Youth Group. It will be fun, because they’re a good group of kids (and we have a DVD player and a buttload of games), but I haven’t tried to stay up for 24 hours in a long time. I’m sure I’ll fail, and then I’ll wake up with my fingernails painted flourescent green or something.

Maybe I should just pick out a more flattering color ahead of time.

OOH! And I voted Monday. It’s almost over! Yay!

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2 Responses to Post ‘rents Weekend Update

  1. Pepperkat says:

    So much for quitting my crappy job. I’m still working at Wendys… at least for now. I need to wait a little longer, or not I don’t know. I have at least one more week. /conflicted.

  2. bran says:

    hang in there, Pkat – college is a long, defeating, soul-sucking and financially draining road, (i am a paradigm of hope.) But we know how awesome you are, and that in the end you’ll make it on sheer awesomeness.

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