It doesn’t always take grand acts of charity to fight evil. In fact, most of the time it just takes a second or two to do something nice for the person sitting right next to you.

PromoGuy is sitting right next to you.

M’Lady was diagnosed with a tumor, which at this point we are assuming is benign. At least, that is what the ENT Doc is leaning towards. Results of the biopsy will be in tomorrow afternoon, so then we’ll know for sure. Either way, it has to come out. So that will be next week sometime. Since it is just under her jaw, there is a high level of risk to facial nerve damage.

He updated the post, yesterday:

Well damn. The tumor is still there so it looks like the operation is a go. Tomorrow afternoon is when it takes place, and I will likely be a wreck all day. I very much appreciate all of you taking time to leave a comment, thought or prayer. I figured out how to check my e-mail with my cell phone (I heart T-Mobile), so I will be able to check in and read any mail or comments you leave tomorrow. Believe me, you have no idea how much one +++ comment lifts my spirits. I am sure I will be checking them A LOT tomorrow – it will be a nice break from all the waiting (did I mention it is a 3+ hour operation?!?!).

Go shine some light his way.

UPDATE: Got this e-mail from Promo on his cell phone a while ago, but things have been kinda wonky around here…

“Hi sol, ths is frm cell. Let folks knw Still in srg, goin on 4hrs, wrrd bt hopefl. Thx 2 all 4 th knd thts. Wll let you kw mor whn i do.”

UPDATE 2: Got this one at 12:18 AM:

“Alls well, its out! 4.5 hrs, she\’s dn gr8. Tird, bt well. Mor l8r.”

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2 Responses to PromoCheer

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks for the update. I have been thinking about them today. Let us know more when you know more.

  2. PromoGuy says:

    Thanks for sending your crew my way, the warm thoughts helped me make it through the day. I am posting about the whole experience this week, and at some point, blogger support will be included.

    She’s home now, has been since Friday, and is doing much better. We go for a follow-up visit today. The Doc said the tumor “felt” benign, but we will know for sure later when the lab results are in.

    Thanks again for the +++ support, you gots good people here bro.

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