Raise Your Slurpees High

John P. Thompson, Convenience Store Pioneer, Has Died at 77. Thompson took over as CEO of 7-11 when they only had 600 stores. During his watch they introduced the Slurpee, fresh-brewed coffee-to-go, and the Big Gulp. Hey, I work in the industry, whaddya want?

I bet no one gets points in the ATS Dead Pool, though.

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2 Responses to Raise Your Slurpees High

  1. branzibar says:

    well, i’d say it’s rather sad but i’m not feeling the sadness. just a monumental love for the slurpee.


    may he rest in peace?
    i’m finding it hard to act appropriately.
    i should just shut up.

  2. ken says:

    i love slurpees, i wanna a slurpee machine dammit, i will one day own one of them!!!!!!! they are the best ever. I love them more then my grandma. seriously


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