Record deal on hold

Well, that was fun.

Whiny and I schlepped my ’71 Telecaster down to a guitar shop in Edgewood. They poked and prodded it. Took the neck off and checked under the hood. In the end, they were only going to give me about $700 for it ($400 and a $300 Fender P-bass). I decided to see what I could get for it at another shop, but it outclassed their stock of Washburn crap, so they wouldn’t touch it. So, I said screw it and went into Guitar Center and charged a Fostex MR-8.

It looks like a nifty little digital 8-track. Too bad I can’t find out exactly how nifty. I got it home and it wouldn’t work! Ratsafrastindagnabbit! So, now I have to decide whether to give up on this silly idea completely, or just patiently trade it in for a new one. Unfortunately, this was the last one they had at that price. The only way to get one now would be to wait for a replacement shipment or “upgrade” to the kit that includes a cheap mic, headphones, and gig bag–for an extra $100.

I think I’ll just hum loudly for you, ok?

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2 Responses to Record deal on hold

  1. nefarious says:

    I found this auction for you!
    I’m sorry.. I couldn’t resist. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw 8 track. 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa says:

    No contest – wait and upgrade. 🙂

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