Resistance is Futile, Part 2

So, you think you paid your outrageous cable TV bill in order to get 200 channels of your favorite shows? Foolish consumer! Didn’t you know that the TV was designed as a delivery medium for advertisements? The shows are filler between commercials, silly.


TNT has tested an exciting new tool to stop you ungrateful people from skipping those 30-second masterpieces. If you’re gonna use the commercial breaks as an excuse to feed the cat or drain the…bathtub…then there just won’t be any commercial breaks. So, there!

Instead, ads will pop-up in the middle of shows, a la the little “Watch our next Survivor rip-off” tags that show up as part of the channel logo. Imagine the possibilities!

“Lions and tigers and bears…oh, my!” ::POP!:: Hungry as a lion, tiger or bear? Head on out to Burger King for a tasty Whopper.

“Lucy, I’m home” ::POP!:: Can’t speak proper American? Try ‘Hooked on English’!

Read all about it in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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