SGCBL Needs Teams!!

Solonor’s Groovy Computer Baseball League needs teams. We have 12. We can start with 16, but I’d like to get 24.

I promise it won’t hurt. It won’t take a ton of time, either. The simulation is quite detailed, but if you just want to sit back and watch your computer GM run the show after the initial lineups are set, that will be fine. You don’t even need to know that much about baseball.

I just need between 4 and 12 more people to jump in. Here’s the lineup so far (and yes, Ric, you’re still in whether you like it or not):

Isengard Raiders (Me)
Mirkwood Marauders (Cableman)
Bree Cheese (Sgt. Grump)
Rohan Rangers (Ric the Schmuck)
Bag End Bombers (Ejen)
Lonely Mountain Losers (Bran and Satan)
Dunharrow Devils (Panda and Lisa)
Dead Marsh Urukai (Pippa and Grendel)
Mordor Mimes (Speaker)
Moria Miners (Altered Boy)
Plus yet-to-be-named teams from Whiny and Pepperkat.

Come on, people. It’s not like I’m asking you to invest fake money in a blog stock market.

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4 Responses to SGCBL Needs Teams!!

  1. Linkmeister says:

    Alright, I’m in. I’ll take the Dol Guldur Dragons, if that’s ok with everyone.

  2. Kevin says:

    Okay, I could be interested but I’m in Europe and I thought that might be a problem. If I don’t mind looking stupid can I play too? 🙂

  3. GeekGrrl says:

    Okay. Count me (and the hubby) in, but I don’t watch baseball and neither does he. I know what “home plate” and a “strike” are. That’s about it. We’ll do a thingie, but you better be prepared for “Solonor! HELP!” e-mails from me. 😉

  4. Zuly says:

    Solonor, I’m tempted, but it looks really complicated…

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