She Had Me At Sleestaks

Being a noob has its good points and its bad points.

On the down side, I am such a babe in the woods. No, not bear in the woods… though thanks for even pausing long enough on “babe” to consider and reject it… Where was I? Oh, yeah… babe in the big blue woods. Anyway, I don’t know who is who or what is what sometimes. I step into the middle of conflicts, or do silly things like promote Cuppa Tea as Solonor’s Aortal Site of the Week. I get the feeling that it’s kinda like saying, “OMG! Have you heard of this new band called the ‘Beetles’ (I think that’s how it’s spelled)? They rawk!”

But on the upside, I get to discover anew what all y’all have probably known about for years. Batgrl has one grooby site. There’s sleestaks and cthulus and bats. Oh, my! A cornucopia of batty goodness.

Besides, how can you resist A Very Cthulu Christmas?

I have an Aortal category in the sidebar, so you can see all my Aortal posts, but I’m going to put up a little Solonor’s Aortal Site of the Week banner somewhere on the page… Maybe if someone makes me a What’s Not to Like? button to put in the button collector section, I can move it down and put the Aortal site of the week up near the Carnival of the Vanities promo… hmmm…

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9 Responses to She Had Me At Sleestaks

  1. Scott says:

    “I’ll ruin planets now I’m unbound and free!”

    ROFL! Oh, man, that’s great! Thanks, now I can’t get that bloody Foreigner song out of my head!

  2. A Very Cthulhu Christmas

    Teemings – Extras – A Very Cthulhu Christmas What’s not to love about the idea of Neil Patrick Harris playing

  3. Nicole says:

    This is vaguely unrelated, but when I was 12 and wore massive glasses my unfortunately nickname was Sleestack. That ought to be enough to earn me an Aortal plug one of these days! *evil grin*

  4. skits says:

    Having met Batgrl in the flesh at BlogCon, (yes, you can be all jealous of me now), I can tell you that she is just about the grooviest person on the web. Online and off. 😉

  5. batgrl says:

    Aw! I hardly ever get pingage!
    Thank you!
    And I’ve never ever ever been an Aortal before!
    I shall wear this honor proudly, like one of those sparkly light up badges…

    “babe in the big blue woods”

    Wait, wasn’t it Babe in the Big Blue City?

  6. Da Goddess says:

    Okay… I have to go check her out. Sleestaks?

  7. honestly, sleestacks still scare the shit out of me. i’m such a puss.

  8. Cuppa Tea says:

    Cheese and chocolate? And noisy cows…

    First, many thanks to Solonor for making me an Aortal link! I’d never been an Aortal before! *blush* He also clued me in to Skit’s new playground – Annoyed as Hell. Which I’d love to join – but see, I’m sure my spam is just the same ol crap everyone el…

  9. Joelle says:

    Mmmm…sleestaks. Where’s Cha-Ka when you need him? 😉

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