Annoyed As Hell

Why just delete spam when you can revel in its glorious stupidity? The lovely and talented skits has opened up a new blog called Annoyed as Hell to do just that. In it, various contributors will post the annoying forwarded emails, rumors, hoaxes, jokes and other timewasters that get sent to them – and trash hell out of them!

Yeah, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but if they let me play I promise to use exploding bullets.

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2 Responses to Annoyed As Hell

  1. gnome-girl says:

    you have been *smacked* by the tipsy gnome-girl!!!
    and I have a few things to say to you MR.

    You rock
    You rule
    You ARE the blogwhore
    I love ya man!!!


  2. skits says:

    You’re so in–just as soon as I get on my own pc. I’ll set up your stuff in the AM. Welcome aboard!! yaaay! (and thanks for the plug. *mwah*)

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