Here you go, my little chickadees.

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It’s all the fun of karaoke without going to a bar and having your friends shove you on stage to slur your way through “House of the Rising Sun” because you’re too drunk to read the lyrics that are scrolling by too damned fast.

Um, wait a minute…that is the fun part!!

I found this via Gigglechick who’s got the right attitude for it. I especially love her White Rabbit (as Elmer Fudd) and Rocky Raccoon done in a cross between a Jamaican rastafarian and Pepe Le Pew.

If you don’t vote her 5 stars for her efforts, the terrorists have won.

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3 Responses to SingShot

  1. gigglechick says:

    thank you my dear!!!

  2. Chris H says:

    Hey Mr. Solonor!
    good to see you still blogging away after all this time. not sure if you remember me not that it matters, i was known as the alteredboy (not sure why i disguised my name. adolesent fear probably). I will have to drop by a little more often. I have been here 5 minutes and i am already laughing. talk to you soon!

  3. Jules says:

    Delicious. It is, all over again, the night that Claire and I decimated “Jessie’s Girl” and had to apologize to the entire audience one at a time before we could leave the bar.

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