Smeggin’ Good News

Great news Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten fans! The Jupiter Mining Corporation’s famous lost ship is alive and well. The latest news is on the chapter selection and bonus material for the first Red Dwarf DVD. Series I is due out on November 4th. Add to that the fact that Red Dwarf – The Movie is in preproduction, and my little holographic heart is running hot as one of Cat’s suits.

Though I hate the you-can’t-link-this-’cause-it’s-flash website, go to Red Dwarf for more details.

Update: I guess I have to read these things more carefully. Sgt. Grump points out that Series I is due out on November 4th in the UK and Australia, with II set for the following February. America will get both series in February. Wah.

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One Response to Smeggin’ Good News

  1. michele says:

    You tease. I was already marking Nov. on my calendar before I read that last sentence.

    But…a movie! Yay!

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