Spot the Hunger Dog?

Hey you! Yeah, you… with the ink-stained finger tips and the pencil behind the ear… Here’s your chance to do something for the children.™

Natalie has gotten herself all big-shotified and become one of the high muckety mucks of an organization that sends food to starving kids around the world. She thinks she’s so special, just because she’s like saving lives and stuff while I’m sitting around trying to find an inoffensive word that rhymes with twit. The only reason I have anything to do with her is because she calls me “monkey butt” (and we’re all about the monkeys around here).

So, anyway, she’s trying to re-do this organization’s web site and marketing and needs some help. There’s a section on her new site devoted to kids. If you get the kids involved, they grow up to be caring adults. But more importantly they drag their parents along in the here and now. (She is a smart cookie, actually. I’ll give her that.)

What she needs, though, is some sort of kid-friendly mascot that can be used on the site and perhaps in other materials. Something cool and cartoonish that gets kids to stop and look at the site and want to learn about hunger and nutrition.

If anyone can come up with an idea and/or artwork, I can give you a tax-deductible receipt for a gift-in-kind donation to our organization (we’re too poor to pay anything) and we would have the exclusive rights to use the image for our brand but you would retain the copyright of the work. You’d get full copyright credit on our site and on any literature that we would put your idea and/or artwork.

I know there has got to be at least one talented artist out there that can whip something up. Maybe Boris the Hunger Bot?

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3 Responses to Spot the Hunger Dog?

  1. brandelion says:

    i dunno if my art skillz are mad enough to give the flava’, but i’ll certainly pass on the word.

  2. xade says:

    I’ll spread the word… but as yet, all I’ve come up with is a little character lovingly known as Cracky the slightly mis-understood bear…

  3. picklejuice says:

    Couldn’t be any worse than the guy who suggested “Starvin’ Marvin the Ethiopian” from South Park.

    Thanks for the pimp, guy.

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