Stay Safe, West Coasters – At least 14 killed in California wildfires – Oct. 27, 2003

I’m saying extra prayers for you guys.

Besides all the “normal” people that are caught up in this, there are bloggers like Batty, Skits, Joanie, Yvonne, Mikey and LeeAnn who are too danged close to this for comfort.

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2 Responses to Stay Safe, West Coasters

  1. skits says:

    Thank you for the good thoughts! 🙂 We’re actually pretty safe here in the city—the air quality sucks, but it’s really nothing compared to what our buddies in the valley are going through. I’ve just never seen anything like this before. It’s mindboggling.

  2. batgrl says:

    Thanks for the good wishes here too! It just missed us, but there are still fires all over the place. The smoke has made it so dark today that the street lights came on at 3:30 this afternoon. It’s like being in a war zone – what with the smoke, bad air, destruction, road closings, planes flying over to fight fires, etc.

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