Sure, ’tis a bit nippy…


The above photo was taken at 12:15. In Florida. On a sunny day.

When we got to church in the morning, we thought we ought to take a picture of the icicles, because…well, because in 16 years here, I don’t recall ever seeing anything more than frost on windshields. Definitely no icicles. But we left our phones in the car, and I figured the ice would be gone by the time we got out. Yet, there they were. Granted, they were mostly in the shade, but still…icicles.

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3 Responses to Sure, ’tis a bit nippy…

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    When I hear about the weather in Florida lately, I quickly think of you folks, and wonder exactly what you would be muttering at that time… At least you folks understand it. I expect there are many people there that don’t have the slightest understanding of cold like that, let alone actual ice or snow.

    There was a neat stury about the Celtics playing in Atlanta last week, when all the bad weather hit. They were quite amused at the local reaction, and spoke about how one inch of snow crippled everything. Realize, these are all pro athletes that probably didn’t originate in the NorthEast. Funny stuff, that.

    Good luck. Need me to send you a windsheild scraper?

  2. Solonor says:

    Oh, the driving here is insane. Everyone’s freaking out about ice. Granted, they should slow down a bit, but good grief.

    Thanks for the scraper offer. For as little as we need it, an expired credit card works just fine. 🙂

  3. CLD says:

    You should have been out Saturday morning — I ran the half marathon in snow, sleet and freezing rain. Then the sun came up and it was still sleeting and dark and COLD. 🙂

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