Thanks, Bright House!

Just got a note from Bright House reminding me that the free subscription they gave us to all the Showtime networks for the month of January is about to expire. (They gave all the cable subscribers a free month of Showtime/TMC to make up for an outtage they had at one point.)

My question is: Who the hell watches Showtime?

It’s not like we haven’t looked to see what’s on those channels, but we haven’t found one, single second of programming worthy of our interest. Did they know it was going out for free this month and just stop broadcasting anything interesting or what?

So, anyway, thanks for letting me know how little I want Showtime, Bright House. Now, if you want to give me something, how about HBO?

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3 Responses to Thanks, Bright House!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I love Dexter. CBS ran repeats of it last year when the writers strike screwed up stuff. (CBS and Showtime are in the same family.)

    Anyway, I miss that show. Not enough to actually pay for Showtime, mind you…

    Time-Warner never gives us any make-goods, dammit.

  2. Kim says:

    United States of Tara

    Scott and I watch Showtime quite often.

    The Tudors is meant to be good, too.

  3. Ooshka says:

    I watched the first few seasons of Stargate on Showtime and Jerimiah after that…but haven’t had it in almost 10 yrs….

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