What the smeg, Dave?

To celebrate the 21st birthday of Red Dwarf, we’re bringing back the original cast for four brand new specials later in April. Can’t wait? We’re afraid you’ll have to. In the meantime, we’ve got the whole of Series 2, every Saturday at 9pm to help tide you over. And we promise you, unlike the ill-fated Red Dwarf movie, Lister & co will be landing on a screen near you very soon.


I really hope we get to see some of this on our side of the pond. At least we should get a good DVD out of it!

And how cool is it that they have a channel called “Dave”?

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2 Responses to What the smeg, Dave?

  1. jayne d'Arcy says:

    I have soooooo missed Red Dwarf! What movie? Was I out of the loop on that one? I rarely buy dvds, but I’d buy this series. It’s so weird. Tell me, have you ever tried to make a triple fried egg chili chutney sandwich?

  2. Kevin says:

    One of the specials is a “making of…” and one is being done live without special effects etc. which could be a bit bizarre. @bobbyllew is tweeting the shooting.

    Btw, it’s called Dave because they wanted it to be familiar and friendly and “everyone knows someone called Dave”. Bizarrely the launch of Dave more or less coincided with me stopping my previously common tactic of calling any man whose name I couldn’t remember Dave.

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