The d20 Blogger, Second Edition

Inspired by a brief but self-satisfied post from the Amish Dude, Tim has come up with the basics of a Blogger Prestige Class for DnD. This warping of the space-geek continuum is so cool it’s -273 degrees Celsius. *snort*

I took the liberty of refining the system a wee bit (my additions are in bold), and here are my stats:

Blogger alignment does not follow the usual Law/Chaos or Good/Evil axes. Instead, blogger alignment is on a Left/Right axis. For more detailed role-playing, the character can be placed at one of the midpoints of the extreme left and right positions–the full range of alignments becoming, from left-to-right: Commie-Whacko-Liberal-Centrist-Conservative-Nutball-Nazi. Even more advanced players may choose to define their alignments on an issue-by-issue basis. My Alignment = Liberal

Favoured Enemy
Every blogger must choose one favourite enemy at 1st level and gain an existing enemy for every four subsequent levels. Bloggers gain +1 to all blog attacks against their favoured enemy. A favoured enemy might be an individual, a group, an ideology or even an inanimate object. Examples of favoured enemies of bloggers are George W Bush, the Palestinian Authority, Robert Fisk, The RIAA, Music Journalists,and Virgin Voyagers. My Favoured Enemy = TIA (though I think the RIAA and televangelists are close).

Hit Points
Bloggers are assumed not to be much good at hand-to-hand combat, so Bloggers only get 1d4 hit points per level. I wouldn’t be too broad with that assumption, but it definitely applies to me! My HP = 1

Blogosphere Reputation
As wells as hit points, Bloggers (and other public figures) have Blogosphere Reputation Points. Bloggers get 1d8 of these per level, other public figures (politicians, sportsmen, writers, rock stars etc.) get 1d6 per level. My Rep = 2

Bloggers don’t spend much time wandering around in dungeons, killing things, and taking their stuff. Therefore bloggers gain experience by blogging. Of course, it’s not enough to blog, somebody out there has got to read the stuff. Therefore you get one XP for each person that reads each post. So if you post ten posts a day, and get one hundred hits, that’s 10×100 = 1000 XP. My XP = ~3000 a day

Since most Bloggers are human (do you know any half-elves? AHEM!), Bloggers get the standard two feats at 1st level, and one for each additional three levels. The following feats are specific to Bloggers:

Fisk: You are a master of the rhetorical attack form known as the Fisk. This does 1d6 damage to the Blogosphere Reputation of your chosen target. You may only blog one Fisk per day. Robyn, are you listening?

Improved Fisk: As Fisk, except this one is named after you, and does 2d6 damage.

Google Fu: Your blog is ranked so high in Google that for any site you reference, your own site comes up higher in a Google search than the site you referenced.

Domain: Your blog has it’s own domain, to distinguish it from the riff-raff on Blogspot. Dragonleg, are you listening?

Moveable Type: Your blog uses Moveable Type rather than mere Blogger. This means your archives can be guaranteed to work properly. Um, what if you move to a new web host?

Instapundit: Your blog has made it onto Glenn Reynolds’ blogroll. Michele are you listening?

My Feats = Domain, Movable Type

Well, there you have it. I hope to move up the ladder quickly, but it’s not too bad for a first or second level Blogger, eh?

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    I’ve been meaning to work my own stats up on it; maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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