This is for Pepperkat and her geeky friends: The Bible translated to l33t.

[ via Bigwig ]

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2 Responses to @M3N

  1. 3\/\/\/\/\/\/, d4t l33t 5|_|x0r5.

    \/\/|-|0 |_|535 @ f0r 4?

    (Translation: I find the dialect they use unreadable. If only they had used the correct characters then it could have been greatly improved. Ahem, ph33r m1 l33t tr4|\|5l4t10|\| 5|

  2. Pepperkat says:

    j00 541d 1t \/\/|-|1|\|3y. 0|\|ly 5t|_|p1d p30pl3, l1|

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