The Love Fest Has Begun

Robyn suggests that you ping or comment THIS POST when you are done with your writing assignment. She also included a neato button for ya. Go forth and profess your blog love. Me, I’m still trying to cut the list down from 30 to one… The men in the clean, white coats are coming to take me away, ha-ha!!

Blogger Love Fest

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3 Responses to The Love Fest Has Begun

  1. Lovin you is easy cause you’re beautiful, all of you!!!

    Robyn has declared today abloggin lovefest. I decided to do it my own little way, yeah, I’m a rebel like

  2. Blogger Lovefest Day

    I got the news straight from Solonor (whom I go to for all the latest Princess™ news & gossip.), and

  3. -e- says:

    Duh… disregard latest ping.
    I looked at this post, and went dammit, I pinged this dude, I know it!!! So I tried again… then scrolled down to see my original ping in the other post.

    I’ll be in the back bashing my face in with something blunt and metallic if you need me.

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