What? No ‘Seasons in the Sun’??

I know. I know. It’s just a stupid poll of the clueless, and I shouldn’t let it upset me. But, gosh darn it, don’t ya have to have some credentials to be a critic? Um… wait, let me rephrase that…

According to Q Magazine, a panel of experts has decided on a list of 100 songs that changed the world. CNN is letting the cat out of the bag early, reporting that an Elvis tune is song that changed the world.

Let the whining and kvetching about the ranking order begin!

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3 Responses to What? No ‘Seasons in the Sun’??

  1. Scott says:

    I heard a new, hip-hop artist’s remix version of ‘Seasons in the Sun’ the other day. It horrified me. Not that the original song was great, mind you. Why dredge up something that bad to remake?

  2. Da Goddess says:

    Oh……..my…..Terry Jacks. Again.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    E Gary Gygax! Here we go with the lists!
    I personally wanna know where Girl Of My Dreams ranked….

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