The news from Lake Spambegone

Grrr. It’s become my morning ritual to de-spam the blog. Kinda takes the fun out of blogging. Maybe I should take up a hobby that’s more enjoyable. Like stabbing my eyes with hot pokers.

In other news, it’s the birfday of old (and I do mean OLD) whatshername. So, if you think about it today, shoot her an e-mail she won’t read or make a snidely remark in your own blog regarding her whining about turning 28. It’s the least you can do. (And we’re all about doing the least you can do.)

In other other news, both kids are sick. You know what that means…wonton soup for supper! Hurrah!

In other other other news, Cableman is about to move on to greener pastures, leaving Sgt. Grump and me to lunch alone (with the occasional guest appearance of DeBuG). This is one of those “yay for you, sucks for me” moments. Now, I make this face… 🙁

In other^4 news, after hibernating for the month of January, I’m cranking up the studio for some new tunes. Trying to avoid cover songs this time and write all my own stuff. The two I wrote for Potpourri of Noise have generated the least amount of retching, so I am encouraged.

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7 Responses to The news from Lake Spambegone

  1. brandelion says:

    1. Jools would have happily done this for you. seriously. but now he’s gone. now whatcha think of that? 😉

    2. happy birthday Natalie.
    re: the whining about turning 28 — i’m gonna allow it. my turn is right around the corner…

    3. get well soon Whiny y Pepperykat.

    4. Cableman? but, where’s he going? –nevermind that, is he still gonna play baseball??? 😐

    5. your music is special.
    i think you should go for it–go for the GOLD, Lester, cos you can DO IT! we’re all special in the special olymp–i mean, er, you rock.

  2. brandelion says:

    (i really do love your music, Lestery Lesternor. and other people do too. i can’t wait to hear what you write.)

  3. Karan says:

    How do you measure that…the least amount of retching?

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    There’ll be no retching, silly, and I hope you realize that.

    It is such fun hearing you, and knowing that at least some of the gang is still playing….

    (cue pity party…. OK, that’s enough)

    Looking forward to the new stuff.

    Get better, kids!

    And speaking of kids, happy birthday Natalie. Realize, 28 is still a kid. There will come a day, in the not-so-distant future where you will wish to be 28 again.

  5. MJ says:

    No, I will not write any more songs for you Les. I have yet to see a single residual, and that “but I have kids to send to college” excuse is getting a little old pal…

    Speaking of old, 28? Key-rist, I feel old. Do I feel old to you Natalie? Heh. (re-activate yer damn comments woman before old whatshisname kicks us outta here)

  6. Sibeal says:

    Ah, the joys of WordPress and Spaminator… Spam, what spam?

  7. Cableman says:

    Nothing will keep me from baseball!

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