The One Thing That I Hate Almost As Much As The Yankees…

…is my frickin’ cell phone!

I turned my cell phone on at about 7AM this morning. It was on all day, until I got home about 6:30PM, when I shut it off for supper. I was wearing the damn thing on my hip, the whole day.

Just now, I went out to the supermarket, about 8:45PM. I turned on my cell phone. It beeps at me, that I have a “new” voicemail. Which I then listened to. “Received at 11:54AM” ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH

Guess who it was from? Solonor, of course. Telling me that they had not only lost their power, but they had also lost their land-line telephone.

I HATE MY CELL PHONE! You know what make’s this even worse? I SELL THE DAMN THINGS FOR A LIVING!!!

A-hem. Sorry about that. I apologize for the previous rant. Whine. Hissy-fit. Pick the one you like.

Anyway, Solonor and family are fine, though still powerless. And phoneless.
I, on the other hand, am fit to be tied. A fine way to end the day.

I’ll check in with the Rasreths again tomorrow. On his cell-phone.

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