Time And Relative Displacement In Space

Here’s a nifty meme from ktbuffy via Dave.

Name five places in history you’d like to visit:

  1. Philadelphia, July 1776
  2. Gettysburgh, November 19, 1863
  3. The Globe Theater, London, 1605-1610
  4. The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 1961
  5. Sun Records, Memphis, 1956
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3 Responses to Time And Relative Displacement In Space

  1. *** Dave says:

    Interesting. I’m assuming (without looking it up) that 11/19 is the date of the speech, not one of the days of the battle. That *would* be interesting.

  2. Sgt Grump says:

    I couldn’t begin to narrow them down to just five.

    Although these would be finalists:

    Kittyhawk, North Carolina, Dec 17, 1903
    Morlancourt Ridge, France, April 21, 1918

  3. domino says:

    Great picks, a couple I can think of:

    Jerusalem: around 32-33 AD


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