Turning in my geek card now

I am such an IDIOT!

I almost missed Pink Floyd, because the show on TV sucked so bad that I forgot to turn it back on. But what the hell kind of computer geek am I that I’m relying on TV for this anyway?? DUH!

I’m watching streaming video of Pink Floyd doing “Comfortably Numb” right now on AOL at http://music.aol.com/live_8_concert/live_now!! They are awesome!

And I can switch between cities at a click of the mouse and watch who I want with no commercials or talking over th songs.

I never EVER thought I’d say, “Thank God for AOL.”

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2 Responses to Turning in my geek card now

  1. Tim Hall says:

    I need to get broadband. Still being on dialup, I can’t do streaming video.

    Fortunately we have the BBC.

    They’re now showing the recorded sets from Philadelphia.

    I still want Deep Purple, dammit!

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I’m just now watching stuff from the concerts. I assume these are all replays… shows how much I’m in touch with things, huh?

    Still, this interface is way cool. Clicking between cities, and seeing who is playing where… very neat.

    And you’re right, it sure is strange saying “Thank God for AOL”.

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