Anyone who leaves a comment with that stupid 1heluva.com link gets their IP banned. No questions asked.

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4 Responses to Warning

  1. kat says:

    some ahole from that site spammed my comments on my birthday. dickheads. I wrote off a nsty letter about spam because the site says it forbids spam and will terminate anyones account this is cought spamming. do it sol, get their account terminated. I did.

  2. gnome-girl says:

    aw but I was just trying to show you love babee 🙂

  3. Giving up Hope

    I hate losing faith in someone, and it’s even harder with a child. I still hope that one day I’ll see her when she’s thirty, leading a wonderful life. But I don’t think it will happen while she’s still at my school.

  4. Mean Dean says:

    Yup — he got me too — and got banned almost immediately.

    I also thought it might be usefull to post the email addresses of those running 1heluva.com — just so they know what’s going on.

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