What’s Not to Like? Update


Wow. In under two weeks, there have been 261 entries from people who took the time to tell the world about the cool place they’re from. Not just touristy stuff that everyone knows about. Beautiful and unique little things like these:

“Standing on the Memphis banks of the mighty Mississippi River – the Great Brown God in T.S. Eliot’s words – watching the swift, remorseless, volcanic rush of the waters. You look across to Arkansas, to the flat-scoured earth and realize the vast, dark power of the river, unheeding and yet always waiting to remind us puny, short-lived mortals of its terrible strength.” – mike hollihan

“Lake City MN is the birth place of Waterskiing. 1922 – Waterskiing invented at Lake Pepin by Ralph Samuelson, who strapped on a pair of pine boards and took off behind a motorboat. ” – Ishannon

“The Tom Catmull Band also resides in Missoula and when I was there, was frequently be heard at The Top Hat. That place and that band rocked!” – Bystander

I still can’t believe it. Thank you, Michele, for the idea. And thank you everyone else for putting your heart and humor into it.

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