What’s next? Locusts???

Still cable modemless. Road Runner says they’ll have it fixed by August 7th. And I won’t have to pay for the down time (awfully big of them, eh?).

So, here I blog in an undisclosed location. The worst part is getting Cheney off the darn PC.* He do luvs da Tetris!

The actual worst part is all of the blog fodder opportunities that are passing me by…

For example, if I were blogging, I would have told you about the night before last when our pool was surrounded by frogs. And these weren’t just any frogs, mind you. These were the loudest damned frogs from hell that I have ever heard. The little balloons under their chins puffed up Dizzy Gillespie-style, and they set up a sonic squeal at just the right resonant frequency to shatter several windows in the neighborhood.

They were fearless little suckers, too! They refused to budge. I’d kick at them, and they’d look at me and scream louder. Whiny got out his paintball gun and started shooting at them. They just hopped into the bushes and resumed yelling. Even the cat was afraid of them.

Oh, well. As soon as I get my Internet access back, I’ll tell you all about it.

Crunchy frog-ingly,

*Thanks, Natalie.
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10 Responses to What’s next? Locusts???

  1. Hey Lisa says:

    Frogs’ legs?

    Here’s hoping you’re back up and running soon! Miss ya. 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    [waves] Heya, Commish!

  3. The frogs are comin’ to get ya.

  4. gnome-girl says:

    damn babeee someone cursed you! 😛

    hurry back!


  5. GeekMan says:

    Poor Sol. Come back soon, man. The net needs it’s daily dose of sillyness.

    And so do I.

  6. Alteredboy says:

    you need to think positive. This is a good time to work on that golf swing. Bust out that 9 iron and give them frogs a ride.

  7. etherian says:

    A quote from a poem by Red Skelton:

    Frogs! Frogs!
    They’re in the air
    and everywhere
    … and there’s no stillness in the night!

  8. Sunidesus says:

    Please tell me you took pictures of the frogs? Or is it just me that obsessively takes pictures of absolutely everything?

    Hope you get your modem back fast! Being cablemodemless is no fun at all.

  9. Annessa says:

    *ribbit ribbit* You know it’s not easy being green.

    I had to go there. You know I did.

  10. brandelion says:

    sounds like The Rainbow Gathering of the Frogs stopped by your campsite, er, pool. it’s an honor, man. feel the good vibrations.

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