Advanced Thumb Twiddling

Well, it’s finally happened. One of my “undisclosed locations” has become completely off-limits for blogging and even fricking e-mail. Yeah, yeah, I know it was supposed to be anyway, but now it’s REALLY shut down. Dagnabit.

So, here I am at the libawy on the all-you-can-surf-in-30-minutes-as-long-as-we-like-your-destination plan. So far, I have learned that I can post to the blog, but I cannot get my e-mail. I expect 750 spams and 3 important “Wouldya lookit that!” messages between now and the theoretical restoration of my Internet ability at home on Thursday. If you have anything important to say to me, please, send it to (which I can access).

I have also learned that I am missing tons of blogiverse fun. For example, I now have proof, confirming my earlier assertion that Bill is a Smurf. And the world as I knew it has come to a crashing, thundering halt, as Michele makes it Be Nice to Red Sox Fans Week.

Curses! The timer just told me I only have five minutes left! So, quickly, here are the people that are blocked from being accessed at the library by the Seminole County Government (sorry, no time to link): Robyn, Bran, Mig… The rest of you have to try harder!

I’m losing connect….bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

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12 Responses to Advanced Thumb Twiddling

  1. Christine says:

    I just said the F-word in my last post…is that good enough???

    I’d be going nuts if I were in your shoes…hope the thing gets fixed soon, as we miss you!

  2. Bill says:

    It only proves that I *eat* smurfs…

  3. kat says:

    I’m pretty sure I said fuck and shit at least 3 times today. You’re just not visiting me that’s what it is. :p

  4. Alteredboy says:

    I take pride in my G rated blog.

  5. Ooshka says:

    Advanced Thumb Twiddling… I am pretty sure that was a course offering at Bangor High School…

  6. brandelion says:

    ah, but to be amongst such excellent company as Mig and the loverly miz Robyn…it’s bliss.

    i think it’s because i say c_nt a lot.

  7. brandelion says:

    (see that, there? i censored myself in honor of your G rated family programming. with the naughty comes the nice. balance, young grasshoppah…)

  8. Annessa says:

    *stamps foot* Is it the 7th yet? Want me to send Guido down to um, help with the installation?

  9. robyn says:

    Banned…in the USA! My mother would be so proud.

    You’ll have to read my blog when you can though. You’re famous.

  10. Banned in the U.S.A.

    I recently learned that my blog has been blocked by the Florida Seminole County Government. My mission here is complete….

  11. Christine says:

    You poor thing. This is why I just got a new itty-bitty laptop, so I can surf at my local Starbucks (I don’t drink coffee, so it’s worth the monthly fee) and not get busted by the man!

  12. David Pinero says:

    Don’t know if you’re aware you got a Tampa Tribune mention today. I’m just sorta lookin’ around to see who has what as a result. Pretty cool. 🙂


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