DSL Is Looking Better

Frickin’ rastafraggin’ greebleznitzin’ dagnabit… 5 minutes to post from Grump’s house.

Still no cable. Called the company last night about why the promised Aug 7 date passed without a fix. “Oh, we fixed it on August 5,” said they.

Ya think they’d try asking me my opinion on the matter before closing the call?

Instead, their “PC Specialist” will be around on Saturday to “explain what you’re doing wrong.”

Bite me.

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8 Responses to DSL Is Looking Better

  1. GeekMan says:

    When the PC specialist shows up, point at the fridge and say, “I just dunno why my Power Cooler’s not giff’n me dat dere Innernet no mo’.” Then laugh as the guy trys to explain the difference between a fridge and a computer to you. Then offer him a CD.

    You know, a Cold Drink? HA!

  2. Brian says:

    The sooner you realize that the cable company is ALWAYS right and you are ALWAYS wrong, the faster you can get back to pretending that you are happy.


  3. Hey Lisa says:

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while. Sheesh! Glad you checked in though.

  4. theresa says:

    Geez! When the PC Specialist gets there, you should throw your cable modem at him. I’m sure that will solve the problem 🙂

  5. Scott says:

    Get DSL; we use Earthlink’s, and it’s great.

  6. Kevin says:

    You remember to play nice with their specialist. You’re not allowed to use terms like TCP/IP or RAM in front of them or their brain starts to smoke. Well, you can if you keep a bucket of water nearby.

  7. dragonleg says:

    Geekman has the right idea, ha, ha..
    Miss ya, boy….

  8. Zuly says:

    Be sure to be standing outside with the modem plugged to the wire coming into the house showing no signal. But have the bucket of water nearby, because it will surely cause their brain to spontaneously combust.

    And then when you’re done, go laugh about it on dslreports.com.

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