Will you still love me tomorrow?

Lots of comings and goings in the ole blog world. Michele and Zuly quit their blogs. Tracy locked hers up last night because of spammers. I just looked at a post from January 2003 where I linked to 47 bloggers that I thought were pretty cool. Out of those, 31 of them have either quit, moved or don’t dig me anymore. That’s just 16 bloggers in the spot where I left them only a little over a year ago. (I have this bad habit of pretending there are real people behind these blogs, and I actually worry about them. Silly me.)

I’m feeling kinda manic depressive about the whole blogging thing. It was just last week that I was blogging up a storm (uh-haaa), and now I feel like shutting the whole mess down and letting it overgrow with spam.

But I’ve been in that dark place before. This is not a goodbye post. It’s just the blog circle of life, babies: One minute, you’re king of the geeks with a thousand visitors a day and people hanging on your every word. The next, you’re just typing random crap that no one will ever read into a personal website to entertain yourself and your wife and kids. I don’t have a problem with either one. I’ve just decided to get off my ass and finish that CD I’ve been promising people since March.

If you’re really bored, dig through my archives or hit the Random link while I’m gone. There’s some pretty funny stuff in there, even if I do say so.

See you on the dark side of the moon.

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24 Responses to Will you still love me tomorrow?

  1. John says:

    My one minute of typing random crap has lasted about two years now. When do I get my fame? 😀

  2. -d says:

    I’ve been there… I like that… the cycle of life for a blogger.

    I think when you start blogger for others and not yourself… it turns into a responsibility instead of an outlet. At least it does for me.

    – Dana

  3. Scott says:

    Tell me about it. I haven’t really been able to muster the strength to do anything more than ramble on — at great length — about the Dead’s summer tour.

    I’m not done with it, I know, and will likely blog for many years to come, but at the moment, it’s not really that important. Burnout on politics is one thing, I know…

  4. Lisa says:

    It’s really annoying all of the spam that blogs are attracting. Thank goodness for comment approval on MT3 ’cause at least my readers don’t get bothered by it. I’m glad you’re not going away though! I’d definitely miss you.

  5. michele says:

    The blog boredom bug seems to be contagious. Get well soon!

  6. geeky says:

    I agree – some sort of blogger apathy disease seems to be going around. Hopefully it’ll pass quick, because I need something to read at work dammit!

  7. Brian says:

    I’m not sure if shutting down one blog and starting up another is “quitting”, but I am sure that everyone goes through highs and lows of motivation. I have been in this place several times myself.

    Enjoy some time off and don’t sweat it too much.

  8. Just when I start reading you again, you bolt.

    My timing stinks.

  9. kat says:

    I agree with Dana that if you start doing this for others, then it becomes a chore and not a happy fun thing that it started out as. I also agree with Brian that shutting one down and starting another isn’t really quitting. I understand peoples needs to change and grow and when you have like 10,000 hits a day who expect you to be one way and you want to move another way, closing down seems like the only way out.

    I hope you don’t quit. There are people who I don’t care about if they quit and others, like you, who I would miss terribly.
    You’re not just random make believe people. You are real and I consider you my friend. ;P

  10. jcwinnie says:

    I dunno, would the readership increase or decline if the post title read “Solonor Sex” rather than “Solonor Sez”?

  11. Solonor says:

    Dana is correct that the blogging should never be a chore, and it isn’t. I’m not going anywhere!

    This is just a combination of the blogging “blahs” and my bad habit of signing up for so many things that I’m paralyzed and can’t get anything done. So, in order to get one thing done that’s very important and has been bugging me for months, I’m shutting down all the other things for a bit.

    Also, I am not trying to make a commentary on Michele or Zuly’s decisions to move their blogs! I know where they both went, and I should not have used the word “quit”. They just happened to be convenient examples of how things change all the time, and I was feeling melancholy when I started writing the post. Sorry.

  12. sporty says:

    You know what you need? A brand spanking new url.

  13. Sunidesus says:

    Maybe it’s summer. I’ve had the blogging blahs lately too and I seem to remember a lot of people saying the same thing a year ago. I suppose we’ll all be back to “normal” (whatever that passes for in these parts) sooner or later.

  14. Les says:

    I think it’s a sign of how truly evil I am that you’re still stuck with me updating my blog with the random crap I try to pass off as insightful and interesting commentary. I ain’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon.


  15. picklejuice says:

    Blah blah blah, bitch moan, bitch some more, be pathetic for a while, blah blah blah for some filler, throw out a thinly-veiled “no one likes me anymore!” post, wait for “we love you Sollie!” comments to roll in, blah blah blah, moan a bit, then drink a beer.

    Have I covered it all?

    Quitcher moaning, guy! Oh, and get on IM so I may taunt you a second time.

    Or else I’ll have to delink you and really throw you over the edge. Cuz that’s what friends are for.

  16. Sibeal says:

    Uh, didn’t he break up with all of us yesterday? What are we all still doing here?

    Hello? Hello????

  17. Solonor says:

    I see they let out rehab early tonight.

  18. Solonor says:

    Um, that was meant for the pickled one.

  19. picklejuice says:

    Dude, I *SO* own you!

  20. Solonor says:

    Friggin’ comment spammers.

  21. Karan says:

    I knew this hurricane frenzied double blogging duty would come to no good!

  22. Bea says:

    Whaaa? Don’t scare me like that! Nah, a little break will do you good? Oh well, I still can see you Yahoo!, right?

  23. jadedju says:

    Blogging? What’s that? I’m a post-Blogger.

  24. shelli says:

    I care really I do.

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