Windows Startup Cleaner

Greatis Startup Application Database lists a bunch of possible programs that may be lurking inside Windows startup. They are categorized as “Necessary”, “At Your Option”, “Useless” or “Dangerous”.

Sgt. Grump sent this along, after we researched why my PC at work had a mysterious “You should not see this” window show up during XP shutdown. Turns out that it’s a benign part of Windows Installer (we think), but this will help track down stuff that should not be loading in the first place.

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  1. Dev Lee Shant says:

    I am looking for something to help me manage my startup applications, and would very much like to try your software, but I’m used to trying it before I buy it. If the offered software is good, I will buy it, but I prefer not to do this sight unseen.

    Is there some trial offer available? If there is, please advise me, so that I may check it out.

    Thank you,

    Dev Lee Shant

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