That was the bestest pair of Doctor Who episodes ever.

And now, be still my heart, SciFi has announced that we won’t have to wait until next fall for the third series. They will begin showing Series 3 in the Summer (via Outpost Gallifrey)!

If you haven’t seen it, yet, then:

1. Shame on you.
2. Spoilers in the extended entry.

UPDATE: I just watched it again. I was far more weepy the second time.


The only thing missing was The Master.

Best line ever: (Rose to the Daleks) “Five million cybermen? Easy. One Doctor? Now, you’re scared.”

I love the fact that they didn’t come up with a “new and improved” Doctor Who for the new series. It’s the same Doctor with the same sensibilities. The consistency of the Doctor’s character is amazing. Through 10 incarnations and over 40 years of time, there are times when I can still tell that it is the same “person” inhabiting the body du jour. My minds eye could picture Tom Baker or Christopher Eccleston or Patrick Troughton standing in front of the Cult of Skaro and pulling out the sonic screwdriver. I could see William Hartnell pulling up a chair and daring the leader of Torchwood to just go ahead and do what he just told them not to do. Jon Pertwee’s swashbuckler. Peter Davison’s tender heart. Every element that makes the Doctor who he is was in those episodes.

I don’t think another companion ever got the send-off that Rose Tyler did. I wasn’t a big Rose fan, but she grew on me. She was a good companion, but I’m glad she’s gone. I really wasn’t that keen on the Doctor Who romance bit. Still, it was a heart-wrenching episode.

Having Zoe and Jamie get their minds wiped and be sent back to their original lives at the end of the 2nd Doctor’s run (“War Games”) was cruel, but stranding Rose in another dimension? Ouch. The wall between Rose and the Doctor was a terrible, wonderful scene.

Russell T. Davies can make some pretty unbelievably stupid Doctor Who episodes, but when he gets it right….wow.

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  1. Empress says:

    Have a very merry Christmas, Sol!

    May your days be Dalek-free!

  2. Somewhat says:

    We got the first episode of the new series here yesterday: it’s a goodie 😀

    Merry Christmas 😡

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