Ya Want Freedom Fries With That?

Holy crap, how did I miss Loyalty Day?

Well, I guess I can be forgiven. El Presidente only announced it the day before it took effect. They gotta give us time to prepare for these things! There’s presents to buy and dissidents decorations to hang…

So, which one is your favorite? Loyalty Day, Patriot Day or Citizenship Day?

Somehow, I think I can be patriotic with the holidays (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day) we already got, thanks.

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6 Responses to Ya Want Freedom Fries With That?

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Every freakin’ day is loyalty day for me…
    I’m loyal to my wife and kids.
    I’m loyal to my job (yippie, that).
    I’m loyal to this silly character (Ric) that has
    maintained far longer than I would’ve imagined.
    I’m loyal to Boston Red Sox for no good reason.
    I’m loyal to Howard Stern and The Man Show and
    WWE for even fewer good reasons…
    So my question is this?
    WHEN DO I GET MY PAID DAY OFF? Like the rest of the government…..

  2. Don says:

    El Jefe (who wears the CINC Jacket to remind any who need to be reminded, and who has it spelled out in case somebody doesn’t know the abbreviation – probably including W Hisself) knows that Good Loyal Amurikans don’t need more than a one day notice to be loyal!

    Just ask “How High?” He’s the one who says “Jump!” and he means “Now!”

    Or maybe “Tomorrow!”

  3. i’m reserving all my vigor for ‘anti-pinko day.’

  4. mtpolitics says:

    Hate to break it to ya’ll, but “Loyalty Day” has been around since the ’30’s, observed first in ’49, and made official by Ike in ’58.

    Alright, you’ve only had 60 years and change to get ready, but we can let you slide.

    This time. Just don’t let it happen again.


  5. Solonor says:

    Yep. I sit corrected. It’s a silly VFW-inspired anti-Commie rant that hasn’t been allowed to die a proper death, because politicians can’t resist a good flag waving. Or something.

    I still want holiday pay.

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Hey, I said that, too! 🙂 Give me Holiday Pay (or better yet, A DAY OFF) and I’ll call people pinko’s all day long!

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