Yay! I got hate mail (sorta).

Someone signed my guest book (without leaving an e-mail address, of course), and told me what they thought of the banned books pages. Thanks, Smurfer Girl…my little Smurfer Girl…

Looking back at them, though, I realize there’s no disclaimer on them. Oops!

Warning: Taking Solonor’s snarky comments about why we should ban books at face value, may cause unnatural twitching of the indignation gland. Please, use caution when reading them.

Oh, and the Bible is violent and not age appropriate. So there!

Update: My darling daughter has come to my rescue. She’s such a sweetie. But remember: Don’t make Pepperkat angry…you won’t like her when she’s angry…

Stupid pun-man deluxe. Heh. That’s moi.

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  1. Su(zi)e says:

    I just read what you wrote about I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings — “If you don’t tell kids about prejudices, they won’t have any.” Priceless!

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