Monday Mission 2.44

Taking a break from NaNoWriMo insanity for a little Monday Mission action.

1. Have you ever had to appear in court? What was the reason? How did it turn out?
Nope, I’ve avoided that one (so far). I paid both my speeding tickets and my one parking ticket, and the one time I was called for jury duty, the case got settled before we went in.

2. Ever been accused of something you never did? Were you able to convince anyone?
One memory that stands out in my mind is from when I was a kid. I was standing in line for lunch or some such thing, and a psycho teacher grabbed me by the collar and yanked me out of line. He started screaming at me about some mess I supposedly made in the boys’ bathroom. To my surprise and gratitude, the kid that really made the mess came to my rescue and admitted his mistake.

3. When it comes to crime and punishment, do you agree with the saying “An eye for an eye?”
Yes, if you are absolutely positive that the person’s eye your taking is the guilty party. I don’t trust too many people to make that kind of determination in the heat of the moment. 12 Angry Men and The Ox-Bow Incident had huge impacts on me.

4. Are you a judgemental person? Do you ever make up your mind about a person before you know them? When was the last time that happened? Or if not, how do you keep from being judgemental?
Everyone is to some extent. It’s hard not to make decisions about what you think a person is like based on limited information. You do it, because you need to fit that person into (or out of) your life, and it helps to have a neat set of boxes to put them in. I fight it, as much as possible. But, good grief, how many “friends” do I have online, based on a few e-mails and blog comments? I’ve never even met any of you. You could all be serial killers for all I know. Nice serial killers. But there ya go.

5. When I was in 6th grade I lit a match in class accidentally and was given the choice of having my folks called or getting 10 “swats.” I took swats and damn, that wooden paddle with the holes drilled in it hurt like hell (not to mention the horible whistling sound it made before impact). I don’t think they allow “swats” anymore. Ever get “swats” at school? How do you feel about children being spanked in school. Is it best that they don’t do that anymore? How about parents spanking kids? Good or bad?
I don’t want anyone swatting my kids but me. I’m the only one who cares enough about them to know why I’m doing it and when enough is enough. I’m not saying kids don’t deserve it or all teachers are evil. I just don’t trust anyone but me and Venita in something like this.

6. What is your favorite “Chick Flick?”
The first one that hit my brain was Sleepless in Seattle, so that must be it.

7. Describe the last situation you were in that can best be summed up by the phrase “seemed like a good idea at the time?”
NaNoWriMo. Say no more.

BONUS: Who will bury us when we die?
Ooh, let’s make lots of money!

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