Ye olde electronic quills

I’ve had two different conversations with friends I’ve made through blogging that involved a kind of surprise (and almost guilt) at the fact that we are friends at all. You’re not supposed to make friends with the people on the other end of the computer screen. They’re not “real.” You can’t trust them to be who they say they are. How lonely you must be to attach yourself so strongly to someone you’ve never met.

But how is it any different than years past when lifelong friendships were forged through letter writing? Are not e-mail and IM and blogging and posting pictures of your vacations just the 21st century version of the same thing?

I’m not saying you should believe everything you read, but sometimes the paranoia that pervades everything we do gets to me.*

*I’m not accusing you of being paranoid. Like everything else, it’s the fault of the Media.™

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8 Responses to Ye olde electronic quills

  1. Somewhat says:

    I’m not real; I’m your invisible friend.

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    And sex/violence on TV. That’s what causes all the ill and evil in the world.

    That and the DH.

    And Star Jones.

    That should cover it.

  3. GeekMan says:

    You forgot video games. Video games are the Big Evil

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    How could I forget video games?!?

    Scourge of the earth, I tells ya!

    Especially versions of video games played as a group online, via the internet. Now that’s some evil stuff there…..

  5. Sibeal says:

    Frankly, I like the fact that you’re at the other end of the computer screen and not raiding my refrigerator all the time. Stupid in-person friends, drinking all my beer.

  6. Lambchop says:

    Ok, well, I DID disappear for a bit – some domain issues – the blog was still there, it just wasn’t being pointed to. Oops. Not to mention that I was just plain lazy as hell.

    Anyway, wanted to pop over, negate those reports of my death that were greatly exaggerated But I DID have West Nile Disease back in August – just a mild case – no hospitalization, no obvious dementia, but enough to make me an official statistic with the CDC. And I contracted it on vacation in St. Louis – where I was, ironically, meeting up with 40 other friends that I know from *gasp* meeting them ONLINE!

    Hope you and the whole family are enjoying the holidays!!!

  7. Karan says:

    Ohhhh pish posh. The internet is the new pen pal system.

  8. brndln says:

    le sigh…
    thou art more lovely than a freshly dewed cabbage.

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