It’s Funny 25 Time, kids!

The best part about the holidays is the annual Dr. Demento Funny 25!

This is my annual obsessive-compulsive update to the Top 100 (or so) Demented Hits (from Funny 25’s) using the countdown.

With its 13th place finish, “Dead Puppies” widened its lead over “Fish Heads” as the number one most requested song of all time.

Travis Meyer’s “The Devil Went To Jamaica” moved up from 14th to 12th. “Cows With Guns” moved up from 21 to 19. Weird Al’s “The Night Santa Went Crazy” went from 32 to 29. And because of all the ties at the bottom of the list, “Stealing Like A Hobbit” leapfrogged from 84 to 52 in its second year on the chart.

The new songs that were added to the 100 were this year’s number 2, “Sirius Black” by Tony Goldmark and the 2004 Number One most requested song–“Great Idea For A Song” by the Worm Quartet.

Here are the 2004 Funny 25 (with more obsessive-compulsive linky goodness added):

#25 Me Like HockeyThe Arrogant Worms
#24 Monster Mash – Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
#23 Rage Against The MundaneTony Goldmark
#22 Ti Kwan Leep/Boot to the Head – The Frantics

#21 The Night Santa Went Crazy (extra gory version) – “Weird Al” Yankovic
#20 They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! – Napoleon XIV
#19 Cows With Guns – Dana Lyons

#18 Army Careers – The Frantics
#17 Fish Heads – Barnes & Barnes
#16 Shatner – Steve Goodie

#15 The Devil Went To Jamaica – Travis Meyer
#14 Bulbous Bouffant – Radio Free Vestibule
#13 Dead Puppies – Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band

#12 She’s Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear – Bill Frenzer
#11 Stealing Like A Hobbit – the great Luke Ski

#10 If I Had The Copyright (censored)Carla Ulbrich
#9 F. PeopleOokla The Mok
#8 What If Your Butt Was Gone? – Carla Ulbrich
#7 Tribal CouncilRyan Hopak & The Happy Chinchillas f/ Timothy Mank
#6 Harry’s Wand – Steve Goodie

#5 Morris The MooseLorne Elliott
#4 The Spongy Dance – the great Luke Ski

#3 The Liar Sleeps Tonight – Mr. Whitekeys & The Fabulous Spamtones
#2 Sirius Black – Tony Goldmark

#1 Great Idea For A SongWorm Quartet

playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show
The Dr. Demento Show #04-52 – December 26, 2004
Special Topic: Funny 25 countdown

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